Dear Parents and Guardians!

Welcome to the new school year.
We hope that the summer holidays proved relaxing and regenerative for all.
We are happy to welcome our parents, students and teachers both new and old to the school. We hope that our newest members will be warmly accepted into our school family, and enjoy your time here.
It is our hope that our students achieve all their goals for the coming year. We also wish you many unforgettable moments and lots of new friends.
We hope that the teachers will be happy and satisfied by their work, as well as their contribution to our school.
We also wish the whole school community good health, which is very important in this time of uncertainty.
We hope this school year will run smoother and better that last year’s, during which many happy moments were overshadowed by the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

In the 2021 school year the School Coordinator will be Ms Elzbieta Jarocki.
The composition of this year’s teaching staff is as followed:

• Mrs Marzena Brozek
• Ms Elzbieta Jarocki
• Mrs Bozena Kwintowski
• Mrs Janina Psuj
Parents will receive exact details about class arrangements this week.


• On Saturday, February 20, 2021, at 9:30 am a Mass will be held at the Polish Church (next door) to pray for a successful new school year.

• On Saturday the 20th of March, the school is rostered on for cleaning of the Church. The school is on the roster as we can hire the Church Hall at a discounted rate for use by the Kindy class if necessary. We also use the Presbytery’s conference room for adult classes.

We ask all parents to get involved in cleaning the church.


  • We are pleased to announce that in December 2020 our school was accepted for the PIP (Pathway to Improvement Program) program, which qualifies us for a government financial grant.
  • On January 9, members of the Parent Committee met in Polish Centre to tidy up the kitchen and the school storeroom in preparation for the upcoming school year.
  • At the beginning of February, the Board of the Parent’s Committee submited an application to the Stronger Community Grants Program asking for a subsidy for the renovation of the school store room and the purchase of teaching aids. It also submited an application to the State Goverment asking for further funding.
  • An application to the Polish government for the purchase of school textbooks “Polish as a foreign language” is being prepared. The textbooks will be chosen by teachers based on their students’ Polish level and school grade. Our school, being an applicant, does not have to pay for the purchase and delivery of the textbooks, as all expenses are paid by the Polish government. Once delivered, these textbooks will be lent to students for the duration of their studies.

  • We are a not-for-profit institution and all organisational efforts are made by the Parent Committee, teachers and parents, devoting their time and skills to our school and the children’s learning. During Term 1 the schools’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held with the purpose of electing a new Parent Commitee. The proposed date is the 20th of March 2021. We invite all parents to participate in the upcoming AGM and in the school life. Detailed information on the responsibilities of the Parent Committee can be found in the School Constitution, which is located on the school website.

    Contact Information:
    Phone: 0412 639 800 or 0434 377 805
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    Address: Polish Centre,
    33 Eighth Avenue, Maylands, Perth, WA 6051
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